Degree 3rd Year Examination 2019 Held On 2021 English Compulsory Special Short Suggestion


Part : A (Passage-10) 
a) Today women are playing…..
b) Coronoavirus is the most talked about…..
c) Mega Project The Padma Bridge….
d)Liberty doesn’t descend…… 
e) Severe moral degradscend…..
Part : B (Grammar – 20)
Flow the Board questions (2010-2017)
2. Changed Words :–
3. Fill in the blank
4. Right form of verbs
5. Antonyms or Suffix – Prefix
6. Frame Wh-questions
7. Re-arrange
8. Punctuation
9. Translate
Part : C (Writing Part-50) 
10. Paragraph :
(a) A Street Accidents.
(b) Facebook/Mobile/Internet/E-mail.
(c) Food Adulteration.
(d) Covid-19.
(e) A Winter Morning.
(f) Global Warming. 
11. Report : 
(a) Covid-19 making the world standstill.
(b) Water logging in Dhaka city.
(c) Road Accident
(d) Devastating fire.
12. Letter : 
(a) Future plan/career
(b) Covid-19/To maintain 14 day Quarantine.
(c) Counselling friend on his father’s death.
(d) Preparation for coming exam.
(e) visit to kuakata/Coxbazar.
13. Application :  
a) A seat in the college hostel.
b) Set up Wi-Fi in the campus.
c) Sound System in the Classroom
d) Computer/Debating Club.
e) Common room/Library Facilities.
14. Essay :
a) Digital Bangladesh
b) Female Education in Bangladesh
c) Fruits of Bangladesh
d) Women Empowerment
e) Liberation war of Bangladesh 
15. Amplify :
a) Grasp All, Lose All.
b) No Risk, No Gain.
c) All that Glitters in not Gold.
d) A stitch in time saves nine.
e) Where There is a Well, there is way.
f) Necessity knows no law. 
16. Dialogue : 
a) World Cup Football/Cricket. 
b) Aim in life. 
c) Use of Internet/Mobile. 
d) About tree Plantation. 
e) The necessity of learning English.
17. i) Poster :  
a)The dangerous of drug addiction.
b) Covid – 19/Vaccine.
c) Dangue/Chikungunia.
d) Road Accident/Safety of life in Roads.
e) awareness against corruption.
f) Food adulteration
ii)  Advertisement :
a) Flat for sale. 
b) lossing of academic certificate.
c) Officer assistant in a company
d) Part time teachers in English
e) Facility of an organisation/company.