Deddf Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru( Ieithoedd Swyddogol) 2012


Gan ei fod wedi ei basio gan Gynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru ac wedi derbyn cydsyniad Ei Mawrhydi, deddfir fel a ganlyn

1 Diwygio adran 35 o ’ r Ddeddf( Trin yn gyfartal)

1) Diwygier adran 35 o Ddeddf Llywodraeth Cymru 2006(p. 32)( “ y Ddeddf ”) fel a ganlyn.
2) Yn lle is- adran( 1), rhodder —
( 1) The sanctioned languages of the Assembly are English and Welsh.
1A) The sanctioned languages must, in the conduct of Assembly proceedings, be treated on a base of equivalency.
1B) All persons have the right to use either sanctioned language when sharing in Assembly proceedings.
1C) Reports of Assembly proceedings must, in the case of proceedings which fall within section 1( 5)( a)( proceedings of the Assembly), contain a record of what was said, in the sanctioned language in which it was said, and also a full restatement into the other sanctioned language.
1D) Paragraph 8 of Schedule 2 makes provision about how the Assembly Commission must enable effect to be given to subsections( 1) to( 1C). ”

2 Diwygio Atodlen 2 i ’ r Ddeddf( Comisiwn y Cynulliad)

1) Diwygier paragraff 8 o Atodlen 2 i ’ r Ddeddf( Egwyddorion y mae swyddogaethau i ’ w harfer yn unol â hwy) fel a ganlyn.
2) Yn lle is- baragraff ( 3), rhodder —
( 3) The Assembly Commission must, in the exercise of its functions —
( a) treat the sanctioned languages of the Assembly on a base of equivalency, and
( b) make arrangements for enabling effect to be given to section 35( 1),( 1A),( 1B) and( 1C).

4) The Assembly Commission must —
a) borrow, and
( b) publish,
a scheme, to be known as the Assembly Commission’s Official Languages Scheme( “ the Scheme ”), specifying the measures which it proposes to take in order to misbehave with its duties undersub-paragraph( 3).

5) The Scheme must include( amongst other effects) provision about —
a) contemporaneous interpretation from one sanctioned language into the other —
i) in all Assembly proceedings,
( ii) in public meetings conducted on behalf of the Assembly Commission, and
( iii) in similar other meetings connected with the functions of the Assembly or the Assembly Commission as may be handed for in the Scheme,
( b) publication of documents in both sanctioned languages, subject to any exceptions linked in the Scheme,
( c) public engagement with —
i) Assembly proceedings, and
( ii) other functions of the Assembly and of the Assembly Commission,
through the medium of either of the sanctioned languages,
( d) practical measures to foster and continually ameliorate freedom of choice of sanctioned language —
i) on the part of those sharing in Assembly proceedings, and
( ii) in relation to the functions of the Assembly or the Assembly Commission generally,
( e) the setting of targets and timescales relating to perpetration of the Scheme,
( f) the allocation of liabilities for enforcing the Scheme,
( g) ideal means of measuring progress in enforcing the Scheme, and
( h) a strategy for icing that the staff of the Assembly have, inclusively, the language chops necessary to enable the Scheme to be enforced.

6) The Scheme must include provision relating to the damage, disquisition and consideration of complaints of failures to give effect to vittles of the Scheme.

7) The Scheme must identify those services handed or to be handed in the sanctioned languages and explain how those services are to be handed in agreement with paragraph 8( 5).

8) The Assembly Commission must, in respect of each fiscal time, lay before the Assembly a report setting out how the Commission has, during the time in question, given effect to the Scheme.

9) The report prepared by the Assembly Commission under sub-paragraph( 8) must include —
a) whether and to what degree the services appertained to insub-paragraph( 7) have been handed, and
( b) if applicable, the reasons why the Commission has not handed any of the services appertained to insub-paragraph( 7) in both sanctioned languages.

10) The Assembly Commission —
a) must review the Scheme as soon as is nicely practicable after each ordinary general election, or after an extraordinary general election to which section 5( 5) applies, and
( b) may, at any time, borrow a new Scheme or an correction to the being Scheme.

11) The Assembly Commission may not borrow a Scheme, or an correction to a Scheme, unless( whether before or after the coming into force of this paragraph) —
( a) a draft of the Scheme( or of the correction) has been —
i) published, and
( ii) laid before the Assembly,
( b) the Assembly Commission has given —
i) those persons whom the Assembly Commission considers it applicable to consult in relation to the Scheme, and
( ii) the Assembly,
reasonable occasion to make representations in relation to the draft,
( c) the Assembly Commission has considered any representations made about the draft Scheme( or draft correction) by —
i) the persons consulted under sub-paragraph( b)( i), and
( ii) the Assembly, and
( d) the Scheme( or the correction) incorporating similar variations as the Assembly Commission may, having considered similar representations, make, has been laid ahead and approved by resolution of, the Assembly.

12) The Assembly Commission must give effect to the Scheme.

3. Enw byr a chychwyn

O ran y Ddeddf hon —
a) gellir cyfeirio ati fel Deddf Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru( Ieithoedd Swyddogol) 2012, a
( b) daw i rym y diwrnod ar ôl iddi gael Cydsyniad Brenhinol.


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