covid-19 paragraph in english 100 words pdf

Corona Virus/Covid-19

Coron virus refers 10 class of vewses that inet mammals and birds, Both corona and virus are derived
from Latina, The word eorona means erown and ius means a ype of acellular mierobial pathogen which
Iiterally means “poison,

Thre is widespread disagreement among scientists as to whether the virus belongsto an inanimate group or
not. Therefore, iti advisable to treat the virus as a disease-carrying bacterium. On the other hand, the feason
‘why the virus, aparently giviag i the shape ofa crown This veus is quite large in size compared to other
‘members of the virus group. I angs from 0.08 microns to 0.14 microns in diameter or 0.125 mierons on

‘The orgins of the coronavirus are still debated around the word.According to some, the virus is
anifciallyereated in the laboratory; some expars belive thatthe source of the virus is bats. However, no
‘quarter has been abe o reach a consensus on the issue. One thing that almost every one is convineed of is the
round zero ofthis virus. That is where the infection started. According to the world health Organization,
Virus was transmitted from a meat market in Wulan, the capital of Hunan Province in China. From there, the
virus spread from person to person, talking the form of a global epidemic.

Experts have identified the human bod’ys lack of immunity as one of the main causes of coronavirus
infection. Symptoms such as sore throat, fever or shortness of breath can be noticed inthe affected people. No
specific treatment from ouside by applying the medicine according to the symptoms ofthe complication in
the body ofthe infected person. The body slowly builds up antibodies against the virus inside itsde ise by
this preventive treatment

During this procedure the patient has to remain in complete isolation. However, recent studies have shown,
‘that coronavirus ean have long-term effects on various parts of persons body. The direct and indiec effects
‘of coronavirus are far-reaching around the world. Asa direct effect, we see millions of people being infected
ith covid-19 everyday in font of our eyes. The highest incidence is in densely populated arcas.

‘Thousands of thes infected people ar losing lives every day. On the other hand, mediclal and infrastructural
disadvantages are becoming more and more evident in underdeveloped and developing counties. Even
developed counties continue to have substantial deficits in providing services to a large number of patients
“News is coming from different parts of the world that people are dying without treatment.

We saw jst how helpless we are to cretion. However, the coronavirus vaccine has been introduced in many
countries, including our eountry.