birds of bangladesh paragraph

Bangladesh is a land of different kinds of birds. They are different in size, colour, and habit. These birds can be divided (ভাগ করা) into different groups. They are singing birds, talking birds, game birds, tailor birds (কারিগরি পাখি), migratory birds (অতিথি পাখি), domestic birds, wild birds (বন্য পাখি), birds of prey (শিকারি পাখি) etc. The crow is the most familiar (পরিচিত) and common bird in Bangladesh. It is seen everywhere (সবখানে) around us. It is said to be an ugly (কুৎসিত) bird. It always makes noise (চেঁচামেচি). The pegion (পায়রা) is another common bird in our country. It is regarded as a symbol of peace (শান্তির প্রতিক). People rear (পালন করা) it as a pet bird. The Cuckoo (কোকিল), the Doel, the Shayma and The koel are widely known as singing birds. The Cuckoo is noted (বিখ্যাত) for its melodious (সুরেলা) songs. Doel is our National Bird (জাতীয় পাখি). It is very innocent (নিরীহ) to look at. The Mayna, the Shalik, and the Parrot are called talking birds. They can speak if trained (প্রশিক্ষিত). The sparrow (চড়ুই) is another common bird. It is tiny (ক্ষুদ্র) in size. It annoys (বিরক্ত করা) us by chirping (কিচিরমিচির করা) all the while (সারাক্ষণ). There are many more birds who contribute (অবদান রাখা) to the beauty of Bengal. So, birds are really an important part of Bangladeshi nature.

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Bangladesh is gifted with various kinds of natural things. Birds are also a gift of nature for this country. There are birds living near houses, in woods, marshy lands and hills. Different kinds of birds live on different food. Some live on worms and insects, some live on fish and flesh and some on fruits and grains. The crow is the most common of all birds. It is an early riser. It is a black and ugly bird. Its voice is harsh. The cuckoo is a sweet singing bird which declares the beginning of spring. It is as black as the crow. It is called the harbinger of spring. There are other birds such as the doel, the sparrow and the Bau-katha-kow. They are all singing birds. The doel is our national bird. The parrot, the mayna, the skalik, the shyma and the chandana are talking birds. They can imitate the voice of a man. So, they are kept by some people as pet. The pigeon, the swan, the cock etc, are also nice birds and they are called domestic birds. There are some birds which are known as hijacker birds for their plundering habit. The kite, the hawk and some other birds have keen eyes and sharp nails; they swoop down upon their prey and carry it away. So, they are called plundering or hijacker birds. The game birds are caught for generally eating and fostering. The dove, the pigeon, the snipe, the bitten, the heron, the partridge and the teal belong to this class. There are some other common birds, whose role can’t be ignored. The tuntuni, the babui and the sparrow are called tailor birds because they show great skill in weaving their nests. The vulture is a big bird but it is ugly in look and habits. The owl is fierce looking but it is harmless. It is our pride that every year during the winter season a lot of birds come to our country which are known as “Guest Birds.” They are of different species and colour. These visiting birds create an environment of charm and beauty. But unfortunately some dishonest greedy people catch these birds and sell them. Laws should be applied strictly against it. Birds are a
beautiful creation of Allah. Birds are of great economic source. So, we should not kill the birds for eating their flesh only.