অনার্স দ্বিতীয় বর্ষ ২০২৩ বিভাগ Management Sub Business Communication : 222603 রকেট স্পেশাল সাজেশন


  1. What is communication?
    Ans. The process of exhanging information between the sender and the receiver is called communication.
  2. What is gesture?
    Ans. Gesture is also a body movement, but it is a deliberate body movement to convey a specific message.
  3. What is internal communication?/ Define internal communication.
    Ans. The communication among the members of the Rhoder same organization is called internal communication.
  4. What is e-mail?
    Ans. E-mail is a system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer network as between personal computers.
  5. What is meant by interview?
    Ans. Interview is a systematic oral technique obtaining data directly from an individual.
  6. What is an appointment letter?
    Ans. Appointment letter is the letter which conveys the information of appointment.
  7. What type of communication is related with grapevine?
    Ans. Grapevine Communication is a from of informal Communication in business that develops within an organization.
  8. What is a proxy?
    Ans. A proxy is a legal representative of a shareholder who is entitled to vote in a meeting on behalf of the original shareholder.
  9. What is face to face conversation?
    Ans. When sender or receiver, speaker or audience speak orally and see one another physically. It is called face to face conversation.
  10. What is mobile apps?
    Ans. A mobile app is a software application developed specifically for use on small winless computing devices. Such as smart phones and tablets.
  11. Elaborate CV.
    Ans. CV = Curriculum Vita.
  12. What is inquiry letter?
    Ans. When a buyer sends a letter to a producer or seller of a product or service to know about any
    product or service in details, such a letter is termed as inquiry letter.
  13. What is ineffective listening?
    Ans. When the listener can’t know the answer and fails to influence or impress other, it is called ineffective listening.
  14. What is a resume?
    Ans. A resume is a structured, written summary of a person’s education, employment background, and job qualifications.
  15. What is communication model?
    Ans. Communication model means the graphical presentation of the elements of communication process.
  16. What is market report?
    Ans. The report which reveal the demand of a product, consumers attitude and the trend of other key factors of the market is known as market report.
  17. What are the different types of Memo?
    Ans. A memorandum is a short-piece of writing generally used by the officers of an organization for communicating among themselves.
  18. What are the forms of organizational communication?
    Ans. The forms of organizational communication are 1. Face to Face; 2. E-mail; 3. Telephone; 4. Video.
  19. What is Skimming?
    Ans. Using a quick survey of the text to get the main idea, identify text structure, confirm or question predictions.
  20. What do you mean by formal group?
    Ans. Formal group is established.
  21. What is feedback?
    Ans. The feedback implies the system or existence of feedback in the communication process.
  22. Define downward communication.
    Ans. Downward communication is the flow of information from higher authority to lower authority.
  23. What is face to face communication?
    Ans. What one person discusses his views, opinion to another person and exchange their views in presence of both then it is called face to face communication.
  24. What is communication model?
    Ans. Communication model means the graphical presentation of the elements of communication process,
  25. What is business report?
    Ans. A report which is written for business purpose, it is called business report.
  26. What is video conferencing? quant
    Ans. Video conferencing is a new device of communication of recent time. This method of communication is generally used for holding meeting and discussions. This device of communication is mostly used when it is difficult to discussions. This device of communication is mostly used when it is difficult to arrange a much expensive meeting or when long distance travel is involved.
  27. What is meant by written communication?
    Ans. When messages transmitted in written form then it can be stated as written communication.
  28. What is communication process?
    Ans. Communication process states the steps ang between sender and a receiver that result in the transfer of a message through any medium and understanding of meaning of the message and response made in terms of feedback.
  29. Define video-conference.
    Ans. Video conferencing is a type of vistual, Es Online meeting where two or more people talk through a video and audio call in real time.
  30. Define business communication.
    Ans. The exchange of ideas, nears and viears in connection with business among the related. Parties in called business communication.
  31. What do you mean by upward communication?
    Ans. Incase of upward communication flow of information
    goes to higher authority from subordinates.
  32. Define mass-communication.
    Ans. Mass communication is a process through which a message is widely circulated among the
    persons who are far and away from the source.
  33. What is speech?
    Ans. Speech means talking, discussing or narrating on a specific matter or any other thing.
  34. What is small group?
    Ans. Small group is the interaction of small group of people to achieve on interdependent goal.
  35. What is meant by print media?
    Ans. The industry associated with the printing and distribution of news thr5ough news papers and
  36. What is resolution?
    Ans. A motion becomes a resolution when it is adopted by the majority members of a meeting.
  37. What is the meaning of MMS?
    Ans. MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service.
  38. What is electronic communication?
    Ans. When communication is done with the help of electronic devices, it is called electronic
  39. What is demi-official letter?
    Ans. When a letter contains both official and personal information, it is called demi-official letter.
  40. What is communication model?
    Ans. Communication model means the graphical presentation of the elements of communication process.
  41. What is company meeting?
    Ans. When a meeting is called by the general manager or director of a company to discuss affairs, it is called company meeting.
  42. What is Silent Communication?
    Ans. When a message is conveyed through silence, it is called silent Communication.
  43. What is ultimatum Letter?
    Ans. Ultimatum letter is a Final proposition to one whose rejection will end negotiations and cause to a resort force or other direct action.
  44. What is grapevine?
    Ans. Grapevine is an informal channel or pathway of communication. In other words when communication uses informal network, it is termed as grapevine.
  45. Mention two disadvantages of non-verbal communication.
    Ans. (i) Vague and imprecise, (ii) Difficult to understand.
  46. What is business communication ?
    Ans. The exchange of ideas, nears and vícars in
    connection with business armong the related. Parties
    in called business communication.
  47. What is decoding?
    Ans. Decoding is the Process through which receiver
    Provides mening to the message sent by the Sender
  48. Write some means of written media.
    Ans. Some means of wrítten media are-(i) Letter, (ii) Memo, (ii) Report.
  49. What do you mean by notice?
    Ans. Notice is given to the shareholders of a Company to inform them about a meeting.
  50. What is intrapersonal communication?
    Ans. When communication take place within an individual it is termed as intrapersonal communication.
    B-Part [Answer any five questions.]
  51. Describe the essential features of a market report. 100%
    2.Describe the characteristics of mass communication. 100%
  52. Mention the features of office memo. 100%
  53. Mention the considering factors in preparing a good business letter. 100%
  54. What are the difference between oral communication and written cornmunication? 100%
  55. Why feedback is necessary for the completion of effective communication process? 100%
  56. Narrate, the communication process with line picture. 100%
  57. Describe the objectives of business communication. 100%
  58. What factors should be considered while drafting a resume? 100%
  59. What are the components of a formal report? 100%
    11.State the differences between intra-personal and interpersonal communication. 99%
  60. Discuss the importance of informal communication? 99%
  61. What is meant by circular letter? 99%
  62. Under what circumstances written communication is more effective? 99%
  63. What do you mean by mass-communication? 99%
    C-Part [Answer any five questions.]
  64. (a) Discuss the role of communication in management. 100%
    (b) Describe the principles of communication. 100%
    2.(a) What do you mean by upward communication? 100%
    (b) Show the differences between upward and downward communication. 100%
  65. (a) What is non-verbal communication? 100%
    (b) Show difference between verbal and non- verbal communication. 100%
  66. (a) Discuss the different types of mass-communication? 100%
    (b) Discuss the types of non-verbal communication. 100%
  67. (a) Discuss the essential elements of market report. Draft a weekly market report on the jute market of Narayangonj. 100%
    (b) What are the causes of failure of oral communication. 100%
  68. (a) What is meant by complaint letter? 100%
    (b) Mention the factors to be considered in drafting a good complaint letter. 100%
  69. (a) What is meant by interpersonal communication? 100%
    (b) Show the differences between interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. 100%
  70. (a) What is meant by written communication? 100%
    (b) Mention the situation in where written communication is more effective. 100%
  71. (a) What is job application? 100%
    (b) In the Daily Star 17 August, 2019 ‘X’ Insurance Company 7 Limited invites application for the post of probationary officer. Write an application addressing the HRM Department. 100%
  72. (a) What do you mean by communication process? 100%
    (b) Show the difference between communication model and communication process. 100%
    11.(a) How can informal communication spreads rumor and distorted information quickly. 99%
    (b) Draw the differences between formal and informal communication. 99%
  73. (a) What are the media of visual communication? Discuss the pre-requisites of a visual presentation. 99%
    (b) Discuss the objectives of downward communication. State the various Media of downward Communication. 99%
  74. (a) Discuss an interview process. State the guidelines for the interviewee.99%
    (b) What do you mean by small group? Discuss the roles of members in a group. 99%
  75. (a) What do you mean by a business report? Draft a daily market report on vegetable market of Kawranbazar. 99%
  76. What is an appointment letter? 99%
    (b) HR department of AB bank Ltd., Head office, Dhaka requested from fresh candidates to send a complete resume with a cover letter. Draft your application for the post of a probation officer of AB Bank Ltd. 99%

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